Bodies Of Water Near Henderson Nevada

One of the misconceptions that people have when they think of Nevada is that they are driving into a state that has no water. There are many bodies of water that are in Nevada, some of which are partially in Nevada, and the other part is technically in California. An example of that would be Lake Tahoe which sits right on the border of California and Nevada. When you go into that area, you will see casinos on one side, but not the other. There are many other bodies of water in this state that you should visit, especially if you come down into Henderson.

Bodies Of Water Near Henderson

There are several bodies of water near Henderson, one of which is Lake Mead. You have probably heard of this before because it is directly connected to the Hoover Dam which is not that far away. You can take tours to see it, and even flyover it, depending on what you want to do. That is a very large lake, but there are others that are a little bit smaller. For example, you can go to Lake Las Vegas which is a popular destination, much smaller than Lake Mead. You could head over there in just a few minutes, and enjoy the time with family and friends. One other body of water is located at the Cornerstone Park. If you head over there, it has an easy walking trail which is perfect for people that just want to get out and be close to water.

Other Sources Of Water In Nevada

There are other locations where you can see water which is not necessarily parks or bodies of water which are held back by a dam. These are places like golf courses like Reflection Bay golf course and many others that have water that you will have to play around. There is always going to be some water in Nevada, whether they have to pump it out of the ground, or if it is something that was man-made or natural. This can be found very close to Henderson, and if you need to see a body of water in the area because of the dry heat, they are certainly there.

This is a very simple way to plan your trip. You will want to travel during the summer. That way, when you get to the lake, it’s going to be the perfect weather. Whether you go to the major lakes, play golf, or head over to a park, you will always have bodies of water somewhere around Henderson that you will be able to enjoy.